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Golf Competitions & Prizes

Rules and Regulations


To be eligible you must have a certified golf handicap. If you have not yet established a handicap then you need to submit 3 signed cards (signed by a marker who has a golf handicap) to the handicap secretary. You can leave this in the correspondence mail box in the men’s/ladies changing room. The handicap secretary will allocate you a handicap allowing you to enter competitions.In order to enter the internal club knock out competitions (G.McKeever Cup, G.Conn Cup, N.McGonagle Senior Matchplay) you must have played in a minimum of 4 competitions.
In order to be eligible for a prize on Captains Day (early July) or Presidents Day (Mid Aug) you must have entered 6 club competitions.


The golfing Union of Ireland operates a central handicapping system and all clubs download to the GUI site. All golfers who enter competitions both at their own club and as visitors to outside club opens must enter via their GUI card. You will be able to access your individual handicapping record via the Golfnet on You need to apply for a GUI card and an application form. This will be provided to you upon receipt of membership payment.


The club operates an online booking system. This can be accessed at Alternatively bookings may be made via the telephone on 028 777 60105.

Bookings can be made up to 4 weeks in advance and all player names must be supplied. Always inform the golf reception before commencing game.

Prize Presentations

During the year we have prize presentations for the open competitions. Please make every effort to attend; there is nothing worse for the captain to be apologizing to the sponsors that the winners could not be bothered to turn up. If you are unable to attend please ensure you designate someone to take your place.

Computer Entry of Scores

It is a condition of every competition that each player enters their score on the computer. If you have had a good round it is very helpful if you put your telephone number on the card so that the match secretary can contact you for any prize giving.

Care of Course

Rake bunkers after use.
Repair pitch marks.
Replace divots.
Don’t drop litter on the course.


Players should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, twigs or the like when they make a stroke or practice swing.
Players should not play until the players in front are out of range.
Players should always alert Green Keeper staff nearby or ahead when they are about to make a stroke that might endanger them.
If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, he should immediately shout a warning. The traditional word of warning in such situation is "fore."

Golf Etiquette

For most golfers it is understood that golf is a game that is played to be enjoyed. Its overall purpose is enjoyment, relaxation and sociability. In order to make every golfers day better overall it is important that all golfers become familiar with the non written rules of the game. These rules are there to govern the behavior of oneself while playing any golf course.

Etiquette does not reflect ones score but rather (and probably more importantly) how others perceive you on the course and eventually how willing others will be to play with you. Basically etiquette boils down to respecting the golfers you're playing with and those who are playing behind you. Please review our etiquette section before you play on the course so that you can be sure to be on your best behavior on the course and not to upset or offend any other golfer. We thank you in advance for this.

Consideration for Other Players

No disturbance or distraction. Players should always show consideration for other players on the course and should not disturb their play by moving, talking or making unnecessary noise. Players should ensure that any electronic device taken onto the course does not distract other players. On the teeing ground, a player should not tee his ball until it is his turn to play. Players should not stand close to or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the hole, when a player is about to play.

On the Putting Green

On the putting green, players should not stand on another player's line of putt or when he is making a stroke, cast a shadow over his line of putt. Players should remain on or close to the putting green until all other players in the group have holed out.


In stroke play, a player who is acting as a marker should, if necessary, on the way to the next tee, check the score with the player concerned and record it.

Pace of Play

Players should play at good pace and keep up with the speed of the players in front & behind you. The Committee may establish pace of play guidelines that all players should follow. It is a group's responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If it loses a clear hole and it is delaying the group behind, it should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group. Where a group has not lost a clear hole, but it is apparent that the group behind can play faster, it should invite the faster moving group to play through.

Be Ready to Play

Players should be ready to play as soon as it is their turn to play. When playing on or near the putting green, they should leave their bags or carts in such a position as will enable quick movement off the green and towards the next tee. When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.

Lost Ball

If a player believes his ball may be lost, to save time he should play a provisional ball. Players searching for a ball should signal the players in the group behind them to play through as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found. They should not search for five minutes before doing so. Having allowed the group behind to play through, they should not continue play until that group has passed and is out of range.

Priority on the Course

Unless otherwise determined by the committee, priority on the course is determined by a group's pace of play. Any group playing a whole round is entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round.

Memberships Tariffs and Payments

All members are required to pay their membership within 28 days. Failure to pay this fee will result in an additional charge of the membership tariff being applied. Members can also pay by Direct Debit. All direct debits are handled by a direct debit management company called Fairways Credit. If wishing to pay by direct debit, further information about Fairways Credit and a direct debit application form is contained at the back of this pack.


Each member pays £3.00 per year, which is included on the initial invoice forwarded to them in January. Members are covered for Personal liability. Personal accident and any further information can be obtained from the Hon Treasurer.


All accidents are to be reported to golf reception at the earliest possible opportunity. The reception will complete an incident report and forward the information to the Golf Manager and Treasurer.

What is GUI

The Golf Union of Ireland is the governing board of golf in Ireland.


Full unrestricted play on course 7 days a week.
Must be a member of the Clergy.
Have full unrestricted play on course 7 days a week.
Must be in full time education and in the possession of a valid student ID card and educational registration number/letter from Education provider.

Age 13 to 21 at start of Membership Year (1st June).
Allowed to play any time any day, if handicap is below 22.
If handicap is not below 22 then they are permitted to play weekdays after 11am and weekends after 1pm.
Exception given if playing with another member holding full adult membership.
Are only allowed to be at golf club 20 minutes before tee time and allowed to remain 20 minutes after end of game.
Not permitted to loiter in the shop or reception areas for more than the above times and will be asked to go home at this time. They are permitted to request the staff at the golf reception to phone to arrange a lift home.
Must be under 18 years old on the 1st January of the membership year.
Proof of valid photographic ID required. eg Passport or Driving Licence.